Protecting our planet and our climate doesn't need to be hard. I help you and your organisation to identify the most effective sustainability measures – tailored to your needs, your budget and your values.
Dr. Elisabeth Ignasiak
1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Do you want to live more sustainably? Transition into a green career? Start your own sustainable business?

Let’s take it one step at a time.

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey – I help you figure out your next steps and avoid some common pitfalls.

“I would recommend Elisabeth, especially for people who are trying to scale their sustainable business and better understand the roadblocks within their personal and professional life. It was a breath of fresh air, literally!” – Ashley Minor

My Offers

1:1 Coaching – Brand Strategy for sustainability professionals and purpose brands

Streamline products, services and online presence into a consistent brand

You are passionate about saving the planet and have many ideas, but don’t know where and how to start?

You have a brilliant product but no one seems to be interested?

Day in and day out you show up on social media but your engagement rate and follower numbers remain low?

You’ve come to the right place!

I will help you streamline your brand, grow your follower base and develop a content strategy that is both efficient and effective.

Within just 1 year I’ve grown my Instagram followers from 40 to 3000, established myself as a sustainability and climate expert and just 2 months after my initial social media post, I took on my first client. Let me help you do the same.

Because sustainability matters – and the world needs to learn about the amazing things you do!

1:1 Coaching – Transitioning into a Green Career

Finding purpose in your job

Are you trying to transition into a sustainable career?

Are you dissatisfied with your employer’s sustainability commitments?

Do you feel like you need to change something?

You’re not alone! Almost half of today’s workforce wants to work for a purpose company! Let me give you some guidance.

Together we look into the skills you have (or need) and how you can find purpose in your career. And maybe, just maybe… the answer is closer than you thought.

Let’s discuss your dream career!

1:1 Coaching – Sustainability Check-Up

Are you as sustainable as you think?

What can I do?” is a question that drives many of us.

I want to go one step further – Ask yourself: What can I do – that works?

Should I buy the organic apple wrapped in plastic or the non-organic apple without packaging? If you ask yourself these types of questions you probably care about our planet. And you might feel overwhelmed by all the things you can “do wrong”. Living a climate-conscious life can be incredibly hard!

However, it doesn’t have to be. I help you identify the “big stuff”. Those actions that really make a difference. And more importantly: Those that work for YOU. The result will be your personal sustainability roadmap: doable, purposeful and effective.

Let’s get started!