Protecting our planet and our climate doesn't need to be hard. I help you and your organisation to identify the most effective sustainability measures – tailored to your needs, your budget and your values.
How to Make a Difference - Climate Change and Sustainability
How to Make a Difference - Climate Change and Sustainability

5: Electric Vehicles

From debunking myths around range anxiety to exploring the future of electric vehicles (EVs), this episode promises to enlighten both EV sceptics and enthusiasts. We take a deep dive into the world of EVs with electric driving enthusiast, Michael Tasior, who offers surprising insights into to the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle revolution.

Whether you’re curious about the environmental impact of EVs, their efficiency, or the technological advancements propelling us toward an electric future, tune in to discover how electric vehicles are paving the way for a cleaner, greener planet.

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4: Food and the Planet

When it comes to food and the planet there is a lot of advice out there. But which food choices actually make a difference? And which ones turn out to be myths? In this episode, I give you the facts and numbers you need to make your food choices matter.

And I talk to Alice Zaslavsky, cook, writer, radio host, and author of the best-selling book “In Praise of Veg”. Because in the end, food is all about flavour.

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3: Shopping Queen – Bringing Sustainability to Reality TV

Fast fashion has many problems: millions of tons of textile waste every year, water pollution, microplastics, exploitation of garment workers… One thing is clear: The fashion industry has to change.

And what better way to raise awareness for sustainable fashion than through a fashion-themed reality show?

In a creative approach to sustainability and awareness, I decided to participate in the show “Shopping Queen”. My goal: Show that style does not have to cost the Earth.

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2: Population and Climate Change

According to a 2017 paper ‘Having one less child’ is the single most effective climate action you can take.

Together with guest moderator Anja Kollmuss, Dr. Elisabeth Ignasiak untangles this deeply emotional and highly controversial topic. We look at the history of population control, the research on population and climate change, economic implications and women’s rights. And we have a frank discussion on the question: ‘Should I have fewer children to fight climate change?’

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Protecting our planet and our climate doesn’t need to be hard. How to Make a Difference is all about effective climate action. Each episode is dedicated to a new topic featuring expert interviews and a breakdown of the impact you can have by taking action.

Dr. Elisabeth Ignasiak is a climate coach and sustainability consultant and has made it her mission to fight against climate change.

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