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How to Make a Difference
How to Make a Difference

3: Shopping Queen – Bringing Sustainability to Reality TV

Fast fashion has many problems: millions of tons of textile waste every year, water pollution, microplastics, exploitation of garment workers… One thing is clear: The fashion industry has to change.

And what better way to raise awareness for sustainable fashion than through a fashion-themed reality show?

In a creative approach to sustainability and awareness, I decided to participate in the show “Shopping Queen”. My goal: Show that style does not have to cost the Earth.

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1: Introduction

How does an astrophysicist turn into a climate podcaster? And what does bubble wrap have to do with it? This and more in this launch episode of How to Make a Difference.

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Protecting our planet and our climate doesn’t need to be hard. How to Make a Difference is all about effective climate action. Each month is dedicated to a new topic featuring expert interviews and a breakdown of the impact you can have by taking action.

Dr. Elisabeth Ignasiak is a climate coach and sustainability consultant and has made it her mission to fight against climate change.

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